Raptor Rescue Plett is a bird of prey rehabilitation and education centre. We offer guided tours which allow the public the opportunity to see these magnificent birds up closely. Our aim is to create awareness of the vital role that raptors play in maintaining a healthy eco-system and why it is important that we conserve them. 

Raptor Rescue Plett

Laura (+27) 78 135 3611
Mark (+27) 73 948 8371

Join us on a 1 hour guided tour of the centre, where you will learn about our resident birds. We have a variety of raptor species, from our smallest, the Southern
White-faced owl to our largest, the African fish eagle. Enjoy watching our trained birds demonstrate their skills in our open-air flying area. Our tours are at 12:00pm and 2:00pm Wednesday – Sunday, booking is essential. 

A short course which highlights the importance of wildlife rehabilitation customized for students with an interest in exploring careers in conservation. Topics include; the importance of bird of prey conservation, practical experience working with raptors, common reasons for admitting sick and injured birds, and the benefits of ecotourism and education.

School and Group tours are customised to suit the age of the pupils. Our tours are educational and enjoyable ensuring the group’s interest and attention is captured. We cover a wide range of topics including conservation, habitat, and diet. Group rates and additional benefits for tour groups are only available to customers who have made a booking. 

OUR RATES 2022/2023

Adults R160.00pp
12+ and students R140.00pp
Seniors 60+ R140.00pp

Children (3-12) R100.00pp



When reporting a raptor or wild animal that has been injured or is in distress, please provide us with your name, a location pin as close to the animal as possible as well as a photograph of the animal. Please leave a Whats-App message if you are not able to reach us immediately.



We rely on visitor admission fees to our awareness centre and donations to fund our rehabilitation and conservation work. Donations are used toward making improvements to the centre, maintenance as well as making sure we have funding in our kitty for veterinary care for the birds. If you are interested in making a donation please visit our website


We are fortunate to have dedicated sponsors for each of our resident birds which ensures they are all well fed throughout the year. If you are interested in sponsoring a bird or to hear more about what this entails please get in touch on


It is a relatively small rescue and rehabilitation center with several dozens of raptor birds, but the guy who runs it makes it a truly remarkable place. His stories about birds are very amusing and informative. There was also flight demonstrations with several different birds. A great place to visit, also with kids.


Fantastic tour! One of the better go to places on the garden route. Deserves much more than 5 stars.
Mark takes you through the rehabilitation center and presents the raptors with great passion and knowledge.
It makes for a tour which is both informative, fun and exciting. Next to the center there is a nice coffee place and great craftsman shopping places.

Oren Lavie


Lovely experience for our Grade 7 tour group children. Mark is very knowledgeable and passionate about the birds… That excitement rubs off… Well done.

Rory Marais


Closed Christmas Day

8:30am – 5:00pm

Open for extended shopping hours during the festive season

General Admission
Tuesday – Sunday 10:30am – 4:00pm
Guided Tours & Flying Demo
Wednesday – Sunday 12pm & 2pm

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(+27) 44 532 7899