Langalapu  Fabrics are inspired by the plants , rivers , oceans and mountains that reflect the natural splendour of the Garden Route. Prudence Bolus, and her team,  have been creating fabrics using sun and eco-dyeing techniques as well as Lino and screen printing fabrics for over 30 years in The Crags, nestled below the Tsitsikamma mountains.


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Langalapu has been producing colourful sundyed sceen and lino printed fabrics since 1990. Prudence traveled annually to many international quilt shows where she exhibited her naturally dyed fabrics.  USA, Europe, Japan, Australia and South Africa. 

We bring the sunshine into your homes with vibrant colourful images of natural plants on quilting fabrics, homeware, tablecloths, duvets, quilts, clothing and more. Quilters are some of our favourite customers, using our fabrics to create other beautiful things.

Wrap yourself in eco-dyed wearable art, kimonos, scarves and homeware. Alchemy on silk and linen. Who thought iron and vinegar could bring out such interesting natural form and colours from the local flora.

Adorn your living space with homeware printed by Langalapu , who collaborated with artist Leigh Wolhaardt to screen print images of the fynbos from the Garden Route , one of the most bio -diverse  floral kingdoms in the world

We sell other “naturally inspired” handcrafted gifts, including homeware, jewellery, baskets from the Transkei and Madagascar, and other parts of Africa and the world. We support women in business where ever possible.

Some of our fabrics are imported but are manufactured locally into stylish holiday wear. Light  printed, colourful cottons, silk and designer linen clothing.Hand dyed or hand made.


From the hand-dyeing, to the collection of leaves, seedpods and ferns, to the laying out of the leaves on the fabric this extremely hands-on approach makes each Lang Lapu fabric unique as they can never be reproduced exactly. Each piece is hand-made and each a one-off creation. Working in the hottest days, with no wind to disturb the leaves. The special light sensitive dyes do their work over a couple of hours, only when the leaves are removed can one see how the sunlight has affected the fabric.


 Langa Lapu is Xhosa for “sun cloth”, and colourful fabrics are handmade in South Africa combining our lush tropical vegetation with the African element of earth, wind, fire and water.Ever present are the natural forms of leaves and seeds on the  fabric,using sundyeing,tiedyeing and screen printing techniques.Each piece is individually hand made with the support of women from The Crags community,not only for the dyeing but for the sewing up of fabric into clothing and homeware.

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Open for extended shopping hours during the festive season

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